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BARBER SHOP HELP How Beard can Affect to skin

Updated: Sep 20

How Your Beard Can Affect Your Skin – & What to do About it

beard affect style
beard affect style

Beard dandruff

Beards gained popularity faster than we were able to educate about them. Now we are playing a bit of catch up on the beard front. Due to the dense nature of most beards, after summer you’re in for quite the tan line (and possibly quite the beard dandruff ). While your dense beard may block out UV rays, remember that it is also blocking your skin from necessary nourishment. From lotion to exfoliation, while bearded you lack these day-to-day necessities.


While some men may lack proper moisture, others may get to much absorption causing beard acne. From ingrown hairs to improperly cleansed skin and beardruff, breakouts can occur from many different factors. The key is to hammer out a routine that you can stick to and that clears up your skin.

How to fix the sitch!

Brush – begin your routine by combing your beard thoroughly at least one to two times a day. This will loosen any dead skin and stimulate your face.

Cleanse – if you’re going to invest in the beard, invest in the products to properly cleanse it. Shampoo is best formulated for your scalp, not your skin, which is why it is so important to use a Beard Foam for your face instead. Beard Foam will cleanse, deodorize, condition and moisturize in one fell swoop. It will also help eliminate beardruff and aid in new growth.

Moisturize – Beard Balm is the best way to Condition your entire beard, hair and skin included. By protecting your skin and eliminating itch, this cuts down on beardruff and subsequent beard-ne. While instantly taming your hair, your beard will also appear thicker and moisturized from day to night.


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