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Barbershop CLEANING UP

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As the last customer leaves the shop, the brush comes out for the final sweep up of the day. This is not the last job on the list though. Due to the intimate nature of barbering, a good level of cleaning and hygiene is paramount to keeping yourself, and your customers safe.

Sweeping the floor happens throughout the day, at each station after each customer. As does much of the cleaning of equipment, sterilisation and wiping down of sides, seats and shelves. Especially since the emergence of COVID-19, these routines are an essential part of the service we provide.


Once the Barbershop is free of clients, we can properly clean down and make all the preparations for the next day. The sides are cleaned and wiped down using a disinfectant solution.and Cleaning surfaces and then wiping down with a disinfectant is the best practice.

As well as the surfaces around the shop, you must also pay attention to your tools. Metal objects, such as scissors need to be wiped and then sterilised. This, again, is something that should happen throughout the day, in between every client.

Cleaning barber shop

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