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Apple 96 Hair color

Apple Hair Dye Natural Color Formula, 100% Natural Hair Dye, Gives Users A Completely Different Hair Dyeing Experience

White Hair Repair for Men and Women, 100% Gray Coverage

Dye hair black, natural black hair in just 25-30 minutes

Nursing and lubrication formula, brings you a brand new hair coloring experience, contains plant extracts, can care hair color fibers inside and out, after dyeing, it is as silky as oiling, effectively covering gray hair.

1.Natural and mild herbal extract strengthens hair fiber from the inside out and deeply nourishes your scalp with effective hair repair effect, leaving your hair shiny, soft and smooth without any side effects, anti-allergic and non-irritating to avoid causing hair loss. No stimulation or damage to your hair.

2.Easy to apply for instant black hair dye

Apple Hair color

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