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Surethik 3 Step System ForHAIR THICKENING Hair For Men 


First step is specially formulated for men, our root penetrating shampoo penetrates deep into the follicle without the use harmful sulfates. Our tri-cleansing agents unclog the pores to provide deep cleaning, removes the excess sebum, and the build-up of debris that are harmful to the follicle.

The hair is left soft and manageable. Antioxidants strengthen the weak and damaged hair from the root. Leaves the hair and scalp feeling clean and revitalized. The scalp will be free of toxins, bacteria, sebum, and debris after every wash.

Second step is specially formulated for men, our boost conditioner is infused with nutrients and extracts that promote healthy hair and scalp. Rich in antioxidants to moisturize, strengthen and revitalize weak and damaged hair. This lightweight product helps transform thin and fine hair into thicker, more manageable strands. Hair will increase in volume and elasticity with every use.

Third step is a concentrated formula uniquely designed for hair loss sufferers and weak and thin looking hair. Scientifically backed with rootbiotec and anagain

, the SureThik scalptx foam contains high concentrations of root extracts that are certain to help reverse the signs of hair loss. By re-activating hair growth and strengthening the weak and fine hair, hair will begin to look fuller and thicker after 90 days use.

To be used daily 1-2 times per day on dry or wet hair. Scalp may seem warm for up to 30 minutes after use. Scalptx can be used with any hair styling products and will not leave the hair sticky or oily Product Features:


Surethik 3 Step System For HAIR THICKENING For Men

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